Sasha's Art Supply Recovery Fund

At the recent C2E2 convention in Chicago, I had my Nomad art satchel stolen during load-out, with about $500 worth of supplies and work in progress pieces inside. I've done what I could to recover it, but unfortunately it seems long gone.

In order to try and recoop some of the costs of replacing the supplies, I'm running a big sale online, as well as two marathon streaming events during which I'll create a bunch of small originals and live auction during the streams.

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The Spring of First Cons

The past two months have seen me take the plunge and table my first three conventions, after a tremendous deal of research and planning. I'd avoided them for a while, laboring under the false assumption that my lack of much online reception to my work was indicative of how it would be received in person. I know now that that assumption was one based on fear, and that really, things work the other way around; working conventions has provided me a wonderful opportunity to connect with people through my work in the way I've always longed to.

My first show of the year was Staple!, a little local con which a lot of my friends regularly attend, followed by Texas Furry Fiesta the very next weekend, and then the local Havencon the month after. 

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