As of 2019, I’ll be doing a soft close on all client work going forward.

While I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to work with a truly wonderful handful of thoughtful and engaging clients over the past few years, it’s also been an ongoing struggle for me to balance commissions and personal work. While I’ve always ultimately fulfilled my obligations and delivered finished work that my clients have been enthusiastic about, it’s often meant me asking them to wait longer than I’d like to to have taken. On the other end of the equation, my personal work has remained on hold sometimes for years at a time while fulfilling said client obligations.

If you’re a long time client or someone who already has a close understanding of my personal work and what I focus on there, then feel free to still reach out, if you’d still been hoping to work together on a commission. I’d love to see what we could do in terms of creating a piece that meets your expectations while still feeling consistent to my more focused body of work.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me through commissions, or even just continues to appreciate my work! I’m so excited to just focus in on painting as much as possible and producing more paintings than ever before as a result.