If you are interested in commissioning me, please read the Terms of Service, and then send an email to with the information on what you are interested in having done.

Please note, the prices below are estimates! Characters or subjects of extra complexity, as well as the inclusion of additional characters or elements, may warrant an adjustment in price. On the other hand, if you have a certain budget in mind but aren't sure what you can get with it, let me know and we can try to work out a solution that works for the both of us.

You can see my ongoing queue progress on my Trello page.


Payment is to be made through Paypal to If Paypal is not feasible for the client, other payment methods may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All payment is to be made up front in USD, before the start of work, but payment plan options are available for prices in excess of $200. For full details regarding cancellation, refunds, and other alterations or edits, please see the full Terms of Service.

Payment is to be sent after I have accepted the commission, as sometimes price estimates may be different from the original listing due to character complexity or other factors.


Artist Support Commission Sale:

I'm offering a sale special on my Traditional Drawing with Digital Color style commissions to help pay off some bills! Check out the Commission Sale page for details.

Digital Painting

Paint Roughs

Portraits, busts, and full body paintings and with a focus on character and atmosphere more so than detail. By default, a simple atmospheric suggestion of background is included.

Portrait: $60
Bust: $75
Full Body: $90

Mid-Tier Paintings

These illustrations are a step above the Rough Paints. More time is invested over all, to fill out the surrounding environment and/or to bring more detail to the character. This is a great option for working within a specified budget.

Focus on Character or Environment: $160+

Full Paintings

These are full illustrations, with a great deal of time spent in composing the image and bringing it up to a high level of polish. That said, there is still a variable range of refinement/detail that can be met for different price scales. Since there are many different factors that go into how long an individual piece will take, it's best to ask for a personalized quote as to how much the work you'd want done would cost. Alternatively, if you have a budget in mind for your piece, let me know what that is and I can scale the detail of the piece to match that!

Medium Complexity - $400+
High Complexity - $800+

Sketches and Lineart

Rough Sketches

Quick sketches done digitally and left unrefined. For the colored versions, the listed prices are for near-flat colors with only minimal lighting/shading, and a simple atmospheric fill color is painted in.

Portraits - $15
Full Body - $20

Colored Sketch Portrait - $35
Colored Sketch Fullbody - $45

Regular Lineart

Lineart taken past the sketch stage and done with a cleaner edge. The colored versions of this tier include simple shading, and slight background details can be included to suggest atmosphere or location. The amount of background detail can be increased for an add-on price.

Portrait - $50
Full Body - $60

Colored Portrait - $60
Colored Full Body - $80

Refined Lineart

Lineart taken to a high degree of polish and detail at a high resolution. For this tier, a few basic background elements can be included to establish a sense of place and atmosphere.

Portrait - $70
Full Body - $110
Colored Portrait - $80
Colored Full Body - $180


While all of the options listed above are for digital work, I do also have experience in traditional mediums! If you're interested in an original drawing or painting, that is definitely an option. Prices vary by medium, size, and complexity, so feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to know the price range for traditional work! As with my digital options, the degree of finish can be flexed to meet your needs and means.


Do you have something in mind that you don't see listed here? Just because I don't have a category made for something on this page doesn't mean it's not an option! Additionally, I also offer services in comics, concept art, and asset creation, and more. Feel free to send me an email to inquire about any other ideas you have for work or projects you'd like done!