Commissions are priced based on the number of detail slots you'd like to pay for, with more slots meaning more time devoted to the piece. 

Most of the examples below are of digital artwork commissions, and thus the detail slot estimations reflect such, but traditional art commissions are certainly available as an option as well. On average, traditional art commissions require more hours to produce in comparison to digital paintings of a similar level of scale and detail, plus the base cost of materials. For delivery of finished traditional pieces, you can either pay shipping, or arrange to pick up the artwork at a convention I'm showing at.

Detail slots are $100/each.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please read the Terms of Service, then send me an email at with what you have in mind, or with any questions. Commissions are currently closed until at least June, but you're still welcome to email me to ask questions in the mean time!

You can see my ongoing queue progress on my Trello page.



Payment is to be made through Paypal; I'll send an invoice to you via email after we've agreed on the commission. If Paypal is not feasible for you, other payment methods may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All payment is to be made up front in USD, before the start of work, but payment plan options are available for prices in excess of $200. For full details regarding cancellation, refunds, and other alterations or edits, please see the full Terms of Service.

30+ Detail Slots

A fully detailed digital painting, with the same degree of attention and consideration I give to my most important personal illustrations. These are done at very high resolution (at least 6000px on the shorter side), to allow for the details to be fully fleshed out and so that great care can be given to both character and environment rendering.

15-20 Detail Slots

This is a great option for those seeking a full illustration but who place more importance on the character. 15 - 20 slots allows for enough time to fully flesh out the character while leaving the environment more painterly. These are done at the same high file resolution as my full detail paintings.

6-10 Detail Slots
(Most Popular Option)

At 6 - 10 detail slots, you receive a painting with a character at a medium level of rendering, and a painterly environment with a focus on mood and atmosphere. This is really solid option for those who want the full scenery of an illustration but who have a limited budget. These still come at a great print-ready resolution, but the details are left more loose.

4 Detail Slots

One of my most popular options, the Rough Painterly style allows for well-resolved characters at the expense of a solid environment. I enjoy this tier because it gives me enough time to really capture facial likeness and expression, as well as having time to solidify clothing or textures such as feathers, fur, etc. If some sense of an environment is important to you, we can also discuss diverting some time from the character rendering to achieve such.


Depending on your stylistic preference, for you can opt for an 4 slot Refined Lineart commission instead of the more painterly style. The rendering of light is not quite as fleshed out as in the painterly style, but makes up for it in the clarity provided by crisp line art. By default, this option also includes a suggestion of environment.

3 Detail Slots

The examples in this section are a special option, my Traditional Drawing with Digital Color technique. These are started as a pencil drawing on toned 9" x 12" paper, then scanned and digitally colored. The original drawing is yours to keep with the cost of shipping (which is just $6 within the continental US.) You can see examples of the finished traditional drawings without color below under the '2 Detail Slots' example section.

2 Detail Slots

These 2-slot full-body 'Loose Paints' are much looser than their 4-slot cousins, but set out to accomplish the same mission of capturing a character with an emphasis on mood and personality. Generally I focus on the character in this and keep the background atmospheric, but if you'd like me to divert some portion of the time to a suggestion of environment context, that's an option as well.


Traditional Drawings of a full-body character on 9" x 12" toned paper are also available for 2 Slots. There is no added material cost for this option.

1 Slot

This is a 1-slot Painterly Bust (shoulders and above) with loose detail, fairly similar in polish to the full body 'Rough Paint' option directly above.


For 1 slot, you also have the option of a Full Body, Full-Color Rough Sketch commission. Although looser and less detailed than more time-intensive options, you can get a lot of bang for your buck this way.


Are you looking for something that doesn't fit into the examples above? No problem! I'm happy to discuss any other type of commission you might be interested in, including different sizes, mediums, and subject matters of artwork, as well as projects such as comics, character designs, and fine art. Just shoot me an email at to discuss what you have in mind.