Liminal Forms

All through art history, the human form has been an embodiment of beauty and expression. But our society’s modern relationship to trans and non-binary bodies is always focused on either fetishizing or reviling them, dismissing us as somehow gross or unnatural.

I seek to create artwork which breaks down those stigmas and makes these experiences more immediate to people. Each painting in the series focuses on an experience which many people may be able to relate to, such as the suffocating nature of anxiety or the euphoria of being at peace with oneself. When viewed through the lens of a trans context, however, these experiences become magnified in their intensity.

Ultimately, these are all human experiences; while the context and pushback that comes from being trans may be unique, to view our lives and experiences as something alien would be a disservice to our essential humanity. Through these windows into ourselves and others, I hope to create empathy through our struggles, our triumphs, and our beauty.