In the few years following my graduation from art school and my studio job, I pursued workshops and mentorships from artists I respected and looked up to, ultimately learning more from those one-on-one teachings than I did during college. It’s those teachings which gave me the direct knowledge and ways of seeing— both in art and in business— that got me to where I am today.

It also left in me a growing desire to give back in the same way, to pass on that teaching to the next wave of artists looking to get their footing. I’ve worked as a studio artist, a freelancer for both personal commissions and professionally published clients, and now work full-time as an independent artist, managing not only my own business but many aspects of my partner’s as well. I have a BFA in Illustration, years of conventions, a Kickstarter and an ongoing Patreon under my belt.

And I want to teach you! I offer private mentorships tailored to your goals and developing the skills and knowledge you’ll need to get there:

  • Custom assignments and guidance to develop not just technical ability, but also on improving your business practices and presences both online and in person.

  • Available on your budget and schedule— video calls Weekly or Fortnightly provide focused time for discussion, demo time, constructive critique and paintovers.

  • Affordably priced at $80/hr session.

  • Access to Jonathan Vair Duncan and I’s private discord server, home to an international community of artists and creatives invested in pursuing their goals and holding one another accountable.

  • Take advantage of free additional feedback between our call sessions via email.

If you’re interested in pursuing a mentorship, send me an email at with your responses to the following questions:

  • What is your current relationship to your artwork, and how does that differ from the relationship you’d like to have with it?

  • If you have career goals in mind, what are they?

  • What are your artistic influences, both in terms of visual style and business structure (do you like the idea of working in a studio better, or being independent)?

  • How many hours can you devote per week to studies and personal work?

  • Links to your web presences and examples of your current body of work.

As well as any other questions you may have or things you’d like me to know. I look forward to hearing from you!