Oil on Board, 12” x 16”, 2019


There is a peace and a sacredness to being comfortable with oneself. For those of us who have had to fight more bitterly than others for that tranquility, it becomes all the more precious and powerful.

Many people are aware of the concept of gender dysphoria. But how many people are aware that gender euphoria exists as a counterpart? That clicking into something that feels cohesive and right for you isn’t just a relief of unwanted distress, but actually tends to result in a powerful feeling of capability and elation?   

We have a joy and a beauty that is too often overlooked, even by ourselves.


You can read more about the origin, meaning, and process of this painting on the accompanying post on my Patreon.

This painting exists thanks to support from my patrons. Special thanks to my upper tier patrons for your help in making this painting possible: Wisp, Tokka, Kyle Smith, and Ami Jones.