Sasha's Art Supply Recovery Fund

At the recent C2E2 convention in Chicago, I had my Nomad art satchel stolen during load-out, with about $500 worth of supplies and work in progress pieces inside. I've done what I could to recover it, but unfortunately it seems long gone.

In order to try and recoop some of the costs of replacing the supplies, I'm running a big sale online, as well as two marathon streaming events during which I'll create a bunch of small originals and live auction during the streams.

If you are unable to offer financial support at this time, I 100% understand! Sharing my artwork with others, or helping spread the word about the event, is also a great way to help out for free. I also encourage folks to come and hang out in the streams while we bust out some new artwork, whether you wind up being interested in a piece or not!


Print & Playmat Vault Opening: May 2nd - May 7th
All of my usual convention-exclusive prints and playmats will be available for purchase on my website for the first week of May! I only offer these online once a year. I'll also be offering playmats in new designs.

Mini Original Stream Marathon I: Tues May 2nd, 10am - 10pm CST
An all-day stream to create a bunch of small originals! Come and go in the stream as you please, we'll be live auctioning the finished pieces off around 9:30pm CST.

Mini Original Stream Marathon II: Sat May 6th, 10am - 10pm CST
Same deal as the first stream, this one on a Saturday in case you're unable to make the first. We'll do the final batch of original sales starting at 9pm CST, including some older mini originals.


I'm not asking for direct donations (I'd rather be able to give you something in return!), but as I have had some requests, I'm happy to accept any generosity you may want to offer.
I've already received the donation of a replacement Nomad satchel itself (thank you again, Allen and Vicki!), but I've put together an Amazon wishlist and do have a Paypal.

(Edit: Holy crow, you guys! I can't believe it, but we've cleared almost everything off of the Amazon wishlist! I've started a new wishlist at which I'll be keeping as an ongoing studio shopping list, so if you'd still like to give, that's a good option!)
Amazon Wishlist: 
My Online Store:

You can also find a Facebook Event page for this if you'd like to share it there.