Holding Back Birds
Photoshop, 2015


Trying to hold back one’s own inner nature is like holding back a flock of birds; no matter how determined you are, things are going to keep slipping through. What would you be capable of, if you could free yourself of the task? If you weren’t spending all your energy on not being yourself?

It was a long journey for me to get to this painting, and the result is a big personal milestone for me. I’ve wanted to express trans themes in my art for a long while now, but had been afraid to- I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid aggression in my daily life, and worried that putting these themes on the page would invite that. Thankfully, my friends and mentors encouraged me to do it anyway, and I’ve had nothing but enthusiastic and positive responses in return, from all sorts of people.

I want to create paintings which show different gender experiences and trans bodies the way the human figure has been shown in art– as aesthetically beautiful and self-realized. Society has a tendency to either revile or fetishize trans bodies, and I want to offer something else, to normalize what is just another way of being human. This painting is the start of that, for me.

'Holding Back Birds' Limited Edition Print

18" x 24" Limited Edition archival giclee of Holding Back Birds, printed on archival matte paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. There is a 1" white border around the artwork. No watermark appears on the final print.

Only 50 will be made!

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