Oil on Board, 24” x 36”, 2019


There are times in life where you become aware that you are not in the place you wish to be with your life and your way of being. Through introspection and pressing yourself with the difficult questions that you fear to conjure, the discomfort of your compromised situation grows.

Through this process, you cultivate a wind that continues to push you forward to this change of path. The itch has been awakened; you have come into the knowledge there is a more earnest way to know yourself. This momentum of your own making pushes you forward, towards a horizon that glows brighter.

At the brim of this change, there is a last glorious leap of faith that must be taken. What is ahead holds promises of something meaningful and tangible, and it is within reach. But it’s also a leap into an unknown, into empty air.

Here is that last moment of having your feet on familiar ground, of final hesitation before your determination overpowers your fears.


You can read more about the origin, meaning, and process of this painting on the accompanying post on my Patreon.

This painting exists thanks to support from my patrons. Special thanks to my upper tier patrons for your help in making this painting possible: Wisp, Tokka, Kyle Smith, and Ami Jones.